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As a volunteer
You can volunteer to be part of any of our projects, kindly check out upcoming events so as to indicate which of the event you want to volunteer for. Mail us back for adequate information, indicating your profile and your conviction.

As A Partner
Everyone ought to be a partner; male or female who feels connected to this vision and activities of TGIF is encouraged and welcome to graciously partner with us by giving financially to help us carry out our aims and objectives. Partners are encouraged to give monthly, quarterly or annually as convenient. Partners give from #500 monthly and beyond. This will go a long way to help us achieve our mission and vision. We are always grateful to our committed partners for that, without them; we will not be able to achieve much.
As A Member
As a member, you become a part this initiative which encourages youths to embrace God and inspire them to have a modest lifestyle in a bid to help build a healthy society also bringing together young people and addressing issues and challenges being faced by youths in a holistic and collaborative manner. Members are expected to pay monthly dues as convenient by them.
Please, contact us on phone 08146061733 or via email.