This is a program geared towards showing love to our immediate community .In one of mother Teresa's books titled: “A Simple Path,” she said, “love is not patronising and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same…with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” With a deep thought on mother Teresa's message, TGIF seeks to cultivate a strong culture of giving among youths, where selfless giving becomes a part of every youths DNA.

As a successful, God-driven organization, we consider it our obligation to give back to the community as it touches many people's lives and creates the change we want. Giving back means giving people a voice, bringing out the joy in them, making an impact, strengthening communities, meeting others, improving others, sharing expertise and taking the lead!

Love outreach will involve donations, visits, volunteering and mentoring because we believe it is necessary to be a helping hand for one another. Remember, T.G.I.F is a friend, no matter how close or far you may be!