Damilola Adeleke


Email: dami@tgifoundation.com

Damilola Adeleke is the founder and president of Timeless Generation Inspired Foundation (TGIF), an organization committed to building a generation of youths with right values through conferences, guidance and counseling and motivation.

Damilola Adeleke is a passionate lover of people and a mentor to many. She has a zeal to help youths discover their purpose and she is dedicated to growing a generation of youths in the way of God and to shine forth God's light in them. She equally has a passion for music and is currently part of the worship team at her local church.

Damilola Adeleke has an MSc. in Economic Development and Policy Analysis from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and a BSc. in Economics from Bowen University, Nigeria.

Grace Akinyemi


Email: grace@tgifoundation.com

Grace Akinyemi is a qualified legal practitioner, Dispute Resolution Specialist (DRS), poet and writer. She has a great flare for dispute resolution, especially as it relates to conflict management. She is also an advocate for protection of children and young person's rights with emphasis on empowerment of youths as a lead way to curb crime and terrorism in Nigeria. Above all, she loves the Lord and believes that only Christ's love can change the world.

Contact: 07012015987

‎Kujero Abiodun Moses


Email: moses@tgifoundation.com

‎Kujero Abiodun Moses is an Economics student at Babcock university with a burning interest in reading, writing and meeting people. Moses strongly believes that everyone has something good to offer no matter how minute. He has an immense passion for God and his word

Contact: 08134140445

Adenawoola Olayemi

Word Unit Coordinator

Email: yemi@tgifoundation.com

Adenawoola Olayemi is a trained agricultural economist, with a burning interest in graphics and adventure, he believes in value and with excellence. An advocate of a better Nigeria, he believes the youth are the immediate change agent in every system, but its fundamental to understand oneself in God before we can influence/effect any change. Blessed by God always

Contact: 07062667759